Postive what-if thoughts lead to joyful possibilities

The Positive What-if Thought

Positive what-if thoughts are the very opposite of catastrophic thoughts. What if people find something positive in me that they both like and respect? What if my boss sees my progress, my dedication, and loves my work? What if I grew as a person, not in spite of setbacks, but because of them? What if I decide to set aside my insecurities, so that they no longer limit me?
positive affirmations for anxiety

Affirmations for Anxiety

Affirmations replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Why? If your thoughts are negative, then the world is negative. To change your feelings, you should change your thoughts and beliefs. Have and BELIEVE positive thoughts and positive feelings will follow.
lucid dreaming treats nightmares

Lucid Dreaming as a Treatment for Nightmares

Lucid dreaming is the art of being conscious during a dream. Nightmares are especially common for clients who have anxiety disorders. Nightmares may be viewed as catastrophic scenarios unfolding in the dream state. Lucid dreaming involves setting up signals which, once observed, make us ask the question, "Am I dreaming?" Once lucid, you may then change the dream.

How To Stop a Panic Attack: Grounding Techniques

Grounding techniques work by redirecting attention from internal to external. Anything systematic that can absorb attention can function as a grounding exercise. When you’re anxious, when a panic attack seems imminent, your mind is totally absorbed into fantasies of threat. Maybe you can’t concentrate well enough to decatastrophize, but you can always detach from your catastrophic fantasies and move your attention onto a completely different subject.

Behavioral Therapies for Anxiety

Behavior refers to what you actually do. Behavioral therapy can be conceptualized as no-nonsense, trial-by-fire, what happens when the rubber hits the road. You choose to approach, rather than avoiding, an aversive situation You hang in there, tolerating at least moderate to high anxiety, and wait for the symptoms to diminish. You thereby learn that such situations are safe and need not be avoided.

Ask Panic to Make it More

I often suggest that clients ask their anxiety to make it more, If that seems absurd, it's because it is. Anxiety is not a thing and cannot be asked, it’s just your own construct. Asking anxiety to do anything is as silly as asking pink to suddenly turn blue. Keep externalizing your anxiety as a thing, and you'll keep regarding it as your enemy. Anxiety is just a construct, and as such, it has only the power that you give to it. Anxious thoughts are just thoughts, and thoughts cannot harm you.